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The safety and well-being of our team and our visitors will always be our number one priority. At Rugrats and Half Pints, we has always been regarded as a very clean and safe venue and we pride ourselves in have always operated to a very high standard.

We achieved a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor in the first year of trading. However, in response to Covid-19, we have now increased our safety and hygiene measures. We have always used a professional cleaning company and have now substantially increased the number of hours they are working every night, 7 days a week.


We are implementing many new procedures and purchasing new equipment for the centre so that we go above and beyond the Government recommended guidelines. Keep watching our face book page for more improvements to follow.


Our new safety measures include:

Massively reduced visitor capacity: We have reduced our visitor numbers right down to ensure safe social distancing. The number of children and adults allowed on the frame has been reduced to 40% of normal capacity.

Online pre-booked visits: For us to operate with a reduced capacity in a safe and secure way, and to avoid any disappointment, all visitors will need to book online timed slots. Our weekend trading hours has been extended so we can ensure every child/family gets a fair chance to play.

Constant cleaning: Team members will be cleaning door handles and other touch points throughout the day. We have increased our cleaning team to keep us squeaky clean all day. Obviously, if there are any areas you would like us to particularly focus on, please speak to any member of the team.


Antibacterial fogging: At night the building is sanitised with antibacterial fogging equipment especially designed for hospitals and kitchens. The fogging machine creates an antibacterial fog that coats surfaces with a sterile coating that lasts for thirty days.


Air ventilation: A Fresh Air Ventilation system which replaces the air in the entire centre several times an hour is in use, and we are investigating a purification system which will filter the air to remove all virus.

Our play partnership with you

To make sure our safety measures work effectively, we ask all visitors to work with us to help us all keep covid-safe. The most important new ruling is that any children that cannot practise social distancing on their own must be accompanied by an adult at all times. This is very important to comply with new Government guidelines.

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